The Original Wedge
The Original Wedge
The Original Wedge
The Original Wedge
The Original Wedge
The Original Wedge
The Original Wedge
The Original Wedge

The Original Wedge

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The traditional holster wedge has many shortcomings when it comes to comfort, concealability, and adjustability. Holster wedges are usually made of some foam or gel material which (in theory) should add a layer of comfort, separating the hard kydex of the holster and metal slide of your firearm from your body. This is not the case. These wedges may work for a few days at most, but when the material of the wedge starts crunching up from everyday use, it creates an unwanted and uncomfortable hard pressure point on your body. 

Enter- "The Wedge"

"The Wedge" is nothing like the traditional holster wedge.

It's inflatable so that you can adjust the girth of your wedge to your liking! Simply pump up the wedge to push the bottom of the holster away from your body while pulling the grip of your firearm closer to your torso for more concealability.

Or simply deflate the wedge to maximize surface area and comfort of your firearm. 

Because our wedge uses air as a contact medium instead of foam or gel--it maximizes pressure distribution from the weight of a firearm and its holster. This, in turn, makes AIWB and IWB concealment a breeze, even for the largest and heaviest of firearms.

What's in the Box?

  • The Wedge
  • Handheld pump 
  • Pump tube
  • Deflating pin
  • Velcro Patches for holster attachment
  • Setup Instructions

"The Wedge" is made to withstand compression forces <400lbs- so feel free to bend, twist, or squat extra heavy with it on. 

Wrapped in treated/moisture-wicking cotton fabric.

Inflate maximally 2 inches diameter

Dimensions: approximately 3.75in x 3.75

Hand pump does NOT need to stay connected to the wedge valve inlet to maintain pressure. 


Every Wedge is assembled right here in the United States, in the great state of Texas. Components are durable and made to last with comfort and concealability in mind. 

Custom Prints are random from supplier. 

Do not inflate maximally. The wedge will retain its size and the pressure inside will be too intense for the deflation pin to work effectively. Improper deflation may cause check valve failure and will need repair. There is a $5 repair fee for this.


please allow 24-48 hours for your order to ship after the day you purchased. Each wedge is handmade and hand-sewn by me.